Russell Hollander

How a happy accident led to the creation of Care2Grow:

While founder Russell Hollander was working as a finish carpenter, he purchased a grow-your-own mushroom kit as a gift and stored it in the closet to give at a later date. A few weeks later he was shocked to find the mushroom kit fruiting before the holidays ever even arrived. At that moment, after harvesting and eating the oyster mushrooms that seemed to just appear from the kit, Russell’s interest was sparked. Pleasantly surprised by the whole process, he wanted to learn more about how mushrooms grow.

Lead by his fascination with the unintentional growth of the oyster mushrooms, Russell continued to learn about the incredible health and environmental benefits of fungus. This experience created a need to know more. Russell was so intrigued he began growing fungus cultures on petri dishes and formulating fruiting mushrooms substrates for propagation. As his skills with what was once just a hobby progressed, they ultimately culminated into creating a commercial Mushroom farm production.

Fascinated by Incredible Edible fungus, Russell continues his journey of learning every day, sharing his knowledge and the fruits of his labor with everyone.

Mush Love!!